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     This ministry is a channel in which our Heavenly Father is glorified through various aspects of praise and worship.  Therefore, we are obligated to represent His name in a way that reveals His manifested glory.  We strive to produce a product that reflects His Spirit of excellence.  We are committed to this purpose, giving Him all of the glory for what is presented.

     Since this is our mandate, we are not confined to any particular denomination, doctrine or creed.  However, we will not support or produce any other products except those which are created for the purpose of giving honor and glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Nor will we represent Him in any other fashion, but that which acknowledges His divinity/deity or reduces Him to anything less than Lord. 

     Under this mandate, we will be happy to serve you and count it a privilege and an honor to serve in this manner.




     This ministry is sold out and committed to our main objective and will exercise our legal right to deny anything that we feel may misrepresent our goal and purpose.  therefore, we do reserve the right to turn away any assignment that we deem inappropriate or inaccurate to basic fundamental Biblical teachings.  Some examples of what is meant here are:


Any misrepresentation of Biblical characters by means of their original context.


Anything that is coequal to the God in whom we represent, God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; all three in one.


Anything that is not reverential or is a misrepresentation of His Holy Spirit.


Anything that is deemed profane as pertaining to the name of Jesus Christ.


Since the Bible is our foundational resource, anything that is an alteration, variation of contradiction to the contents established in the Bible will be denied.

     Our ministry will not accept I owe U, or change the value of our products to suit any specific need, unless otherwise directed by God.  We strongly believe that the God whom we serve makes provision where there is vision and does not obligated us as Christians to support any situation based on financial lack.  In light of this, we are not unsympathetic to the needs of the community, but are also directed to do things in a manner that is fair and impartial to all who we represent.




     Our customers are a vital, intricate part of what we do here.  We value your patronage.  Our goal is to be an asset to what you are striving to achieve.

     If there is anything that you feel we can do to better service you, please let us know.


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